What Our Residents and Families Say

One of the best ways to understand our devotion to quality healthcare is to listen to our Residents and families. University will be happy to provide you with the names and numbers of Residents and family members you may talk with to discuss our commitment to caring for area seniors. Below are testimonials from current Residents and families as well as success stories from Residents who were able to return home.

My stay at University Care Center was pretty good! I really enjoyed the food! Thefish is great and they made me a burger every day with a slice of tomato! Thekitchen was very accommodating. I also enjoy the beef stew. The staff was always very nice to me. Janet and Kerri were very good in the therapy department. They put up with my attempts at humor! They are teaching me to do my insulin at home, and I should be able to leave soon!

J. Barr

Oh, the therapists here are wonderful! They helped me get the strength I needed to go home! Everyone was so nice! I enjoyed being here! I can’t think of a thing I would change.
E. Banks

Things went very well for my Mom. I appreciated all the efforts in keeping COVID out of the building. It was hard not being able to see her up close, but that was no fault of yours. Mom had a broken hip, and was very debilitated when she arrived. The therapy department got her to the point where she was able to walk with a walker and go to an assisted living community! Mom never complained, and was very happy at University.
L. Craig